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Samarth Jajoo

Learner, highschooler, maker of things. Earlier, did some stuff repl.it, deta.sh, mathigon.org, zipschool.com. side-projects: read.gift, skrrt.fun, nom.blue, this website, and more.


Endlessly creative from idea to follow-through; qualified scout for slick domain names and fire tracks alike.

Samarth is the only maker™ with same day delivery.

Samarth is definitely one of the most talented hackers I know!

funtech expert, creative powerhouse, shipper of code 🚢 !! mumble rap connoisseur

I truly love Samarth's creative spirit. He's continually making stuff that's actually fun to use. Really excited to see what he does next

side project craftsman; domain name connoisseur; dope person; rap music fan

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